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folding shovel with pick

This lightweight, compact tool serves dozens of uses and is the only folding shovel that is NATO and U.S. military approved. Folding spade can be used as a shovel for digging or as a pick for trenching and hoeing.I wouldn’t be able to shovel my. I’m never folding AA preflop in the spot you described. We have the chance to at least triple up in the first hand, take a massive chip lead in ratio to blinds and.The US Style Shovel with Pick is a folding shovel that features a saw tooth blade on the edge of the shovel and a pick on the opposite side. This new production shovel is based on the combat proven US Military shovel of the same design and features.Be prepared for camping and other outdoor work with the Coleman Folding Shovel and Pick. It is three tools in one. Use it as a shovel, a pick or a saw. Made of strong tempered forged steel, the Coleman shovel measures 23" long when unfolded but reduces to a handy and compact size of 10" when folded for easy packing and storing.

This video,, can also be seen at Shovel Shoot Out vs Coleman – Gerber – Schrade In this video I do a shoot out with 3 folding shovels the Coleman Folding Shovel and Pick, The Gerber gorge folding shovel and the New 2015.german reproduction folding travel shovel With Pick (New). This is a faithful reproduction of the famous german shovel with pick – a tool no serious off-roader or outdoorsman should be without! It featurres a wooden handle and the blade can be used in different folded positions.The Fisher Folding Shovel and Pick is a remarkably handy tool for any treasure hunt. The Shovel and Pick features a tempered, forged steel blade and pick, a two piece handle, and rubberized grips. The Shovel and Pick has a pointed and serrated edge to break through vegetation and tough soil.The folding head scoops up a load of leaves that can be transferred to a bag or other container. I use a broad, flat snow shovel to pick up leaves that have been raked into a pile–it’s quick, there.